Preparation for Breeding Betta Fish

How do Betta Fish Breed?
Mei 4, 2020

Preparation for Breeding Betta Fish: 1. Choose the right pair for breeding Betta Fish. 2. Water Parameter is important for Betta Fish! 3. Breeding Tank for Betta Fish 4. Environment for Breeding Betta Fish.

1. Choose the right pair for breeding Betta Fish.

Choose Healthy Male Betta fish that his age already 6 months up for better breeding experience, Choose Healthy Female Betta fish that her age already 6 months up too and the female has round stomach. Make sure that male has bigger size than the female.

Don’t breed different species of betta fish, you have to breed same species of betta fish. Example : Plakat Shortfin Betta (Male) with Plakat Shortfin Betta (Female) , Halfmoon Longfin Betta (Male) with Halfmoon Longfin Betta (Female). Don’t Breed “Shortfin X Longfin”, because the babies will be crippled or not having good/beautiful form of betta fish.


Pict: Male Halfmoon and Female Halfmoon ( Longfin Betta Fish )

2. Water Parameter is important for Betta Fish!

Water parameter is important when you want to breed betta fish, because the fish must have to be comfortable when breeding. From my experience, Water PH is between 6-7 , TDS Water 0-100, Water Degree Between 24-28 Celcius, you can use heater too if you are in cold weather. These 3 Water parameter is most important from my experience. Usually i always put catappa/almond leaves when breeding, it makes the water become yellow/brown colour. It helps the water PH to be stable between 6 – 7, and the male will be easily make bubbles, that means the male is comfortable with the water.

3. Breeding Tank for Betta Fish

Tank size to breed betta that i use is not a big tank, i only use small bucket around 20cm diameter made by plastic, water height 15-20cm. The reason i use this bucket is because the bucket can make water degree to be stable, better than tank that made by glass. Glass can easily absorb cold. I only use small space for them to breed, so the betta fish can easily mate and not chase each other in bigger tank, it will make them tired if you use big tank to breed betta fish. You can use Glass tank to breed too, but you have to make sure that the water degree is not too cold for them.

4. Environment for Breeding Betta Fish.

Breeding betta fish require quiet and low light place. They bucket that i use i always close top of the bucket and make little hole for their oxygen. The reason we are doing this because they need private space for breeding and dont want to get disturbed by the environment.

These all 4 important things that you need to prepare before breeding betta fish, this article written by my own experience from breeding betta fish from 2016 till now 2023. Hope it can help you guys out. I will write article about how to breed betta fish soon!

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